Sleepless Nights Denim Jacket

Sleepless Nights Denim Jacket

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Road trips, star gazing, live music, SLEEPLESS NIGHTS, desert vibes, summer air, WILD SOULS. This jacket is for the Wyld hearts, the lovers of live music, being on the road you can almost taste that touch of sunshine and summer while rocking this jacket! 

BRAND NEW DARK/ medium WASH DENIM - Hand painted in front with flowers and back with hand painted words. 

MADE TO ORDER - we will fulfill your order as fast as we can but please expect at least a week till we ship it out (probably and most definitely sooner but just to let you know!) 

One size fits most! A bit of an oversized jacket to fit all of the designs and words on the back. 

Model is size small and is 5’7 for sizing reference. 

If you have any questions please feel free to email