EYE see you - Hand Painted Denim Jacket

EYE see you - Hand Painted Denim Jacket

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This is an original one of a kind hand painted art jacket. Painted on the back + on both arms it's look was inspired by the love of flowers and seeing. Sometimes we look but don't really see and we wanted this jacket to be seen. For the art lovers + game changers, and for the WYLD eyes // this jacket is for you! it's unique and one of a kind! so rock it with a fun dress, some black skinny jeans or really anything you want!

The jacket is size Small with an oversized loose fit. 

Care Instructions ~~~ Hand wash with cold water, do not machine wash. xoxo


due to each piece being hand painted, there may be some slight differences between each jacket. Each jacket will be miuedm denim wash and a bit on the oversized size to fit the design. 

If you have any questions or are unsure of fit please feel free to email us we're happy to answer any questions you have! <333