Catch Flights Not Feelings

Catch Flights Not Feelings

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Inspired by traveling empowering young women and men to just go out and travel alone or with friends to explore the world aka catch flights not feelings. also because we love the phrase! We want to inspire others to live this way and heck even if you do catch feelings at least keep catching flights. Light to medium wash denim (we can make whatever color wash you want though!) the standard is light wash/ over sized. With hand painted palm trees and hand painted phrase rock this over sized jacket with whatever your heart desires. That cute maxi dress or with a t shirt and jeans.


-only painted on the back 


Hand wash with cold water, do not machine wash. xoxo


MODEL HEIGHT: 5’4 (@dancingwithflyingcolors) 

This jacket is ***MADE TO ORDER.***

Please allow at least a week before shipping since every jacket is hand painted and made to order. 

due to each piece being hand painted, there may be some slight differences between each jacket. Each jacket will be light denim wash and a bit on the oversized size. If you want any other denim wash feel free to email us and we’ll accommodate your wishes!

If you have any questions or are unsure of fit please feel free to email us we're happy to answer any questions you have! <333