About Us

Live Wyld. Love Wyld. Create Wyld. Created by best friends of 10 years Ashley Prybycien (25) and Cathie Rattanakone (24). Two fun loving gals living it up in the heart of Los Angeles. They have both been bloggers since 2013 and wanted to create something original. Something that not only inspires others but empowers them and makes them feel special. Ashley with a background in Film + Media studies and Cathie with a background in Fashion they have both been obsessed with creating art together. With a passion for travel, music, creating and living life outside the ordinary; LIVE WYLD was born.


Our goal is for you to rock Live Wyld wherever you are and feel incredible while doing so because you have a piece that nobody else in the WORLD has. Life is about standing out not going with the flow, it's also about speaking without saying a word. We want to spread love with positive sayings and original art. We want strangers to see your jacket and maybe it's a message that they needed that day or inspiration to start that passion but they see your jacket and feel inspired to start. Thats what Live Wyld is all about. Every piece is carefully thought about, and created through our eyes and we hope you wear + love the heck out of them like we do. We won't re-create any piece because that's the magic of wearing something nobody else has and we want to stay true to that.

We put our mind, body, soul and passion into each and everything we do. I hope you follow along with us on this journey. 


Creators and Founders

Ashley Prybycien and Cathie Rattanakone