Mermaid Fest - Pop Up Shop

In April we had the opportunity to be apart of the SWIM LIKE A MERMAID x DEV FEST pop up. We love getting the chance to share our story in person and getting to meet our customers it's probably one of my all time favorite things. It was right before Coachella so the hectic-ness of that was upon us but it all faded away when we got to spend a day with friends and be apart of something bigger than us. We're so grateful to share this experience! We love getting able to share what our brand is all about. Funny story: one of the girls who purchased one of our jackets during this event we actually ran into her wearing it at night time during Coachella in the mac n cheese line....what are the odds of that?! SERIOUSLY CRAZY and made us so happy to see her rocking her Live Wyld jacket! It made our whole night seeing her light up talking about her jacket. We absolutely love that! Below are some fun photos from the event be sure to check out some of the other talented brands who were there:


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